Abu Garcia Vertical Rod Rack

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Abu Garcia Vertical Rod Rack, porta-canne da parete per canne da casting e spinning. Il porta canne Abu Garcia è un comodo accessorio per organizzare le canne nel miglior modo senza ingombrare gli spazi. Questo rod rack Abu Garcia può contenere fino a 11 canne senza mulinelli o 6 canne montate. Fornito di viti per il fissaggio.

Nota: le canne in foto sono a scopo illustrativo

The Abu Garcia® vertical 11-rod rack saves space while neatly and securely storing up to 11 rods or 6 complete rod and reel combos. Ideal for the shop, garage or boat dock. 

Use enclosed screws to attach to wood, metal, fiberglass or plastic. Use suitable wall anchor when applying to sheetrock or wallboard. Spacing between mounts vary depending on gear stored - recommended spacing between mounts is approximately 42".

Vertical design stores up to 11 rods or 6 complete rod and reel combos

Durable lightweight aluminum construction with high density foam rails to protect rod finish

16" on center interlocking anchor points allows for rack expansion

Hardware included



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Vertical 1546017 11 canne o 6 montate
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