Modello Total Length Sezioni Lure Weight Min Lure Weight Max Power Action Line W. Codice Peso
Dream Hunter 240 CM 2 10 GR 40 GR MH MF 8-15 lb MR802MHMF-S 0 GR

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Airrus Marmorea Spinning Rod 2 pcs

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The STATE OF THE ART of technology to reach the top-end rod for marble trout The Airrus Marmorea was created for the marble-trout game. Its action was optimized for river fishing by a blend between a soft tip and a very strong backbone. Our goal was to create a versatile rod for a large variety of baits with a moderate curve under load but with a fast action to set the hook surely in the hard mouth of big trouts against the river flow, holding the necessary power to fight a 10 kg (and over) fish. This result has been achieved thanks to the MultiModulus blank technology, which add different carbon fiber specifics in the same blank, combined with Magma NanoChain resin system pre-preg. This process allow more sensitivity, low carbon fiber weight and a consistent reduction in the swinging of the rod during the casting for longer cast with a better precision. The custom anodized metal hood was integrated in the top quality EVA handle for the perfect ergonomics. About the guides the choice was to wrap the top performance Fuji Slim SiC with anti-tangle KR frame and CC system to avoid tangles during the casts holding durability, low weight and low thermal increase on their surface using braided lines. Every rod is equipped with L.A.B.S. custom components and with a custom marbled paint.




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Dream Hunter

Total Length 240 CM     Sezioni 2     Lure Weight Min 10 GR     Lure Weight Max 40 GR     Power MH     Action MF     Line W. 8-15 lb     Codice MR802MHMF-S     Peso 0 GR


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