Antiche Pasture Pheromon

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Ancient Groundbaits Pheromon, fish pheromones for bait. Pheromones are natural compounds emitted by fish and picked up by specimens of similar species. Pheromones activate an impressive feeding frenzy in fish, making them unable to escape this impulse. Applied directly on the bait or mixed with groundbait or batter, we will have exceptional results in terms of catches.

Method of use:

  • On bait: directly in the bait box, maggots, worms, sandworms, Koreans, Americans, bibi, muriddu, tremolina, etc.
  • On Groundbaits: 5ml of product dissolved in the wetting water for each kg of groundbait
  • On Batters: in batters a few drops directly into the dough.
  • On metal, silicone or rubber lures: on lures, spread the pheromone directly on it in a uniform and continuous manner



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Feromoni di Pesce20 ml
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