Castaic Kitana Screw Lock EWG

Sorry - this product is no longer available

Il Kitana Screw Lock EWG è un amo per shad x-wide gap ad affilatura chimica a filo medio che lo rende praticamente indistruttibile. Caratterizzato da un design ad ampio gap e un sistema di chiusura a vite, fornisce spazio per armare softbait in plastica per conferire in fase di caduta un movimento ondeggiante all'esca ''rolling''. Perfetto per soft swimbaits, grubs e shad per luccio, bass, siluro, serra, spigola.

Built to get your swimbaits into tight places where the big bass live, the Kitana Weighted Swimbait Hook offers weedless performance and the power needed to fish swimbaits through heavy cover. Featuring a wide gap design and a screw lock keeper system, it provides plenty of gap to rig your favorite soft plastic swimbait without sacrificing hook penetration, while the screw lock keeper holds your bait perfectly inline and completely snaggless. The point of each Kitana Weighted Swimbait Hook is also chemically sharpened for lightning fast hook sets and the belly weighted design will keep your swimbaits keeled and running straight at any speed. Offered in multiple sizes to match up with the swimbait of your choice, the Kitana Weighted Swimbait Hook is the perfect hook for fishing swimbaits around all types of cover.



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