Unit of measurement
Lure Weight Min DA 0.00 gr a 40.00 gr
0.00 gr
40.00 gr
Total Length DA 0.00 m a 3.00 m
0.00 m
3.00 m
Closed Size DA 0.00 cm a 107.00 cm
0.00 cm
107.00 cm
Lure Weight Max DA 0.00 gr a 110.00 gr
0.00 gr
110.00 gr
Sezioni 0 Selezionati
Line W. 0 Selezionati
Modello 0 Selezionati
Prezzo DA 35 EURO a 365 EURO
Brand 0 Selezionati

Travel and Telescopic Rods

Travel and Telescopic Rods

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Diplomat V2 Travel
IKE Signature Series Travel Spinning Rod
Tormentor Travel Spinning Rods
Vendetta Next Generation Travel spinning 3 pcs
Vendetta Next Generation WG travel spinning
Freams Evolution Spinning
Ninja 21 Evo Travel spinning
Daiwa Ninja Telescopic spinning rods
Daiwa Ninja Travel spinning

Daiwa Ninja Travel spinning

Quadra Safar Travel spinning 4 pcs
Huge Custom Genoma Travel
Falcon Lowrider Traveler Casting Rods 3 pcs
Falcon Lowrider Traveler Spinning Rods 3 pcs
Prism X travel spin
Game All Round Travel Spinning Rods
Fioretto Essence Travel spinning rods 4 pcs
Narita NTC Travel
Okuma Altera Travel Rod spinning rods 4 pcs
Horosha Travel casting
Horosha Travel spinning
SG2 Medium Game Travel
SG2 Power Game Travel
SG4 Fast Game Travel spinning
SG4 Medium Game Travel
SG4 Power Game Travel
Catana EX Telespin
S.T.C. Fast Travel spinning
S.T.C. Monster Travel Spinning rods
S.T.C. Travel Spinning rods
Sunbass SW20 Travel spinning

Travel and telescopic spinning / casting rods for saltwater and freshwater fishing.