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Immagine di DUO Drag Metal Cast Shot
PHA0009 Pink Back
Immagine di DUO Drag Metal Cast Shot
PHA0187 Blue Pink Sardine
Immagine di DUO Drag Metal Cast Shot
PHA0011 Sardine
Immagine di DUO Drag Metal Cast Shot
PJA0101 Zebra Glow


Lunghezza Peso Affondamento
4.7 CM 15 GR Sinking
5.3 CM 20 GR Sinking
6 CM 30 GR Sinking
6.7 CM 40 GR Sinking

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DUO Drag Metal Cast Shot

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Drag Metal Cast Shot. In addition to the high castability, the controllability of the Drag Metal series have proven to the world its grand potential. Now a slim type is ready for release!! With its center balance design, we have reduced the drag against the jig allowing for an agile slow to high-pitch action with your rod work. Its swimming performance is stable, stress-free and lively. The powerful flashing from the jerk of the rod and its brief moment for the bite during its fall is brilliant. Anglers from around the globe will be able to enjoy this lure to target a vast array of species from the breakwater, rocks, beaches, estuaries and off-shore.




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Imperial Metric
4.7 CM      Sinking       15 GR 5.3 CM      Sinking       20 GR 6 CM      Sinking       30 GR 6.7 CM      Sinking       40 GR


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