Imakatsu Aventa Crawler RSR

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Imakatsu Aventa Crawler RSR. 

The final evolution of the Aventa Crawler Series, the Aventa Crawler RSR Walking Bait is a full-size winged topwater that features improved castability and exceptional performance on ultra-low speed retrieves. With its unique rear-wing construction and precisely tapered contours, the Aventa RSR is highly aerodynamic and demonstrates the longest flight distance in its class. The rear-positioned wings collapse nicely against the body to match the profile of the bait and reduce in-air drag that makes large topwater crawlers difficult to cast. In addition, if the Aventa RSR happens to land upside down, it automatically rotates and restores to its natural upright position so there are no wasted casts.


Instantly grabbing water with the slightest turn of the reel handle, the oversized wings pierce the water like an anchor to suppress its forward movement and achieve its one-of-a-kind waddling action. When using a medium or high speed retrieve the Aventa RSR changes posture by thrusting its head underwater to prevent it from breaking the crawl or jumping out of the water. Fitted with premium split rings and sticky sharp treble hooks, the Aventa Crawler RSR Walking Bait is made to handle heart-stopping blowups from aggressive bass looking for a substantial meal.



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#866 Glow Back Tree Frog
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11.5 cm 36.85 gr Floating
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Lunghezza Peso Affondamento
11.5 cm 36.85 gr Floating

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