Imakatsu Lazy Hard

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Imakatsu Lazy Hard - pure Japanese style swimbait.  The Imakatsu Lazy Hard Glide Bait gives swimbait enthusiasts multiple swimming actions : the Imakatsu Lazy Hard Glide Bait comes with two different tail options in the package and will completely change the way it swims with each selected tail. With the Ridge Tail installed, it will float near the surface and produce a hard kicking linear swimming action, which is perfect for covering water at any speed. If the Javallon Tail is used, the Lazy Hard Glide Bait creates a dead slow floating buoyancy and a wide side-to-side gliding action that can be fished fast, slow, or erratically twitched and has tremendous drawing power. the Imakatsu Lazy Hard Glide Bait is equipped with multiple hook hanger options. One the bottom it features three hook hangers that allow anglers to attach treble hooks like any traditional hard body swimbait. But it also features hook hangers located on the sides near the top of the spine, which keeps the treble hooks from snagging on the bottom and eliminates the unnatural look of hooks hanging off the bottom of the bait. Packaged with a set of razor-sharp BKK trebles


Javallon Tail: Length 280mm (Dead Slow Floating)


Ridge Tail: Length 230mm (Floating)



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28 cm112 grFloating
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28 cm 112 gr Floating

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