JMC Revolution 68

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The JMC REVOLUTION fly reel is truly revolutionary in several respects and at an incredible price. Made of black anodised aluminium, it is very light despite its diameter. It has a very reliable clutch that can be finely and precisely adjusted by means of a micro-adjustment. However, the special feature of the REVOLUTION fly reel is the identical frame for all sizes. Whether it is designed for tail classes #3/#5, #6/#8 or #8/#10, the frame always measures 103 mm in diameter. For this reason, all reel sizes can be interchanged at will on the same frame. Changing reels is easy: simply remove them from the frame and reinsert them again. The capacity of the reels varies according to the inner diameter of the reel itself. Thanks to the universal reel frame and the spare spools that can be interchanged and combined arbitrarily, you are very flexible and can react quickly to any fishing situation with just one reel and its spools. For example, when fly fishing in 'Stillwater', different fly presentation techniques require different rat tails. With the REVOLUTION fly reel, you can take your floating, intermediate and sinking rat tails at different sinking speeds on different reels and then switch to the right tail at any time. But even when fishing with streamers, this reel proves to be very practical because with the spare spools you can quickly and easily adapt the mouse tail to streamers of different sizes or offer the streamers at different depths with different sinking tails! The JMC REVOLUTION fly reel can be converted from left-handed to right-handed in just a few steps.



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# 6/8155 grWF 8 + 100 m (20 lbs)
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