Livetarget Juvenile Pike Swimbait

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Livetarget Juvenile Pike Swimbait. The body profile of this lure, which imitates a small pike, and the anatomical details combined make the Livetarget Juvenile Pike an incredibly realistic swimbait. The tail generates a natural swimming action that imitates a young pike, making it irresistible to large pike, huge pikeperch and record black bass! The special feature of the tail, exclusive to Livetarget, is a generous paddle that generates a very realistic, fluid and absolutely natural movement. It comes with double hooks that are held in place by two magnets on the belly. The hooks can be replaced with classic split ring hooks. LIVETARGET has combined the best of nature with modern technology to create an exciting new Swimbait collection. The new LIVETARGET Swimbait series is designed to look and swim just like a live bait. The profile of the body and tail is carefully matched to ensure flawless movement. The Livetarget Juvenile Pike Swimbait moves attractively both during the fall and during the retrieve. It sets a new industry standard with enormous catching power. The tail is precisely mounted on a strategically designed oscillator that generates a unique side-to-side tail movement action.



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Metallic Green
20 cm1 pcs90 gr
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20 cm 1 pcs 90 gr

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