Preston Innovations Absolute All-Round Hooklength Box

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Preston Innovations Absolute All-Round Hooklength Box. Absolute All-Round Hooklength Box Preston Innovations, Preston Innovations All-round leader box The All-round hooklength box is ideal for storing large quantities of leaders of different lengths, from 3" (75mm) to 9" (225mm). Thanks to the carefully designed length of the retention pegs, we have increased the capacity allowing you to store up to 20 terminals in a single slot. Overall the box provides the possibility of using 20 slots for terminals up to 9" long or 40 slots if the terminal length is 3 or 4", this means that our new box can contain up to 800 terminals ready for use . The box is made of ultra-resistant ABS plastic, and is equipped with a gasket between the lid/body coupling and a magnet closing system to prevent water or humidity from entering whatever the conditions of use. Each type of ending can be indicated thanks to the included labels.

Absolute All-Round Hooklength Box Preston innovations The All-round hooklength box is ideal for storing large amounts of hooklengths from 3” (75mm) up to 9” (225mm) long.The capacity is huge with the box featuring long pegs that will accommodate up to 20 hooks. There are 20 available positions for longer hooklengths up to 9” and 40 positions if hooklengths are 3 or 4” long meaning that up to 800 3 or 4” hooklengths can be stored. The gasket helps to prevent water from entering the box which is sealed by two clips and additional magnets on the sides. The box is constructed from an ultra-durable ABS plastic and has fixed pegs which are perfectly positioned and will not let you down. Each hooklength type can be clearly marked on the included labels.

The PRESTON INNOVATIONS Absolute All-Round Crochet Longue Box is ideal for stocking large quantities of crochet longues from 3" (75 mm) to 9" (225 mm). The capacity is enormous with the long box in the cheville that can contain up to 20 crochets. There are 20 positions available for crochet longues plus longues up to 9", and 40 positions if the crochet longues are 3" or 4" long, which means that up to 800 crochet longues are stocked. 3 or 4". The packaging helps you fill the water in the bottle. This is a selection of two clips and additional accessories on the edges. The box is made from ultra-resistant ABS plastic and has fixed pins which are properly positioned and cannot be left to tomber. This type of crochet can be clearly identified on the four labels.



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