Preston Innovations Floater Pellet Bander

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Il Preston Innovations Floater Pellet Bander è un pratico strumento per la pesca match, feeder, method per innescare facilmente pellet, band'ums e altre esche con Bait Bands. Ideale in tutte le situazioni, per effettuare un innesco veloce e sempre perfetto. Realizzato con plastica galleggiante.


The Preston Innovations Floater Pellet Bander is a handy tool that makes banding pellets, Band'ums and other round baits much easier. Ideal for the angler who struggles to band hookbaits, or for when slippery hands make applying hookbaits tricky. Constructed from a floating plastic that means if you drop the Pellet Bander into the water you can easily retrieve it and continue to use the accessory.


Preston Innovations Floater Pellet Bander. Instrument ingénieux afin d'escher facilement les pellets, Band'ums et autres appâts sur un élastique. Parfait pour les pêcheurs qui ont du mal à mettre leurs esches sur un élastique. Construit en plastique flottant.



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