Rapala Mag Spring Pliers

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Rapala RCD Mag Spring Pliers. The new patent-pending Mag Spring mechanism of these new Rapala fishing pliers features two opposing magnets that keep the pliers open ready to be used easily even with one hand. Unlike classic springs, magnets do not wear out and maintain their functioning over time. Powerful stainless steel jaws with a gunmetal finish have knurled tips for a secure grip. Ergonomic handle, Soft Grip for a comfortable grip.

Rapala's proprietary, patent pending Mag Spring mechanism on the pivot point of the pliers has two opposing magnets that push away from each other and hold the pliers open for easy one hand operation. Unlike springs, the magnets won't break or lose their power in use. The durable stainless steel jaws with gun metal finish have serrated tips for secure grip. Ergonomic, co-molded Soft Grip handles for comfortable hold.



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