Sakura Waterproof Bag

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Sakura Waterproof Bag. It is waterproof and protective for cellular and other accessories. This cover is resistant to water and allows you to use your touch phone and if it is on the inside of the cover, it will respond to damage. Protect water, powder, snow, water or sand. Include belt per collar.

The Waterproof Bag is designed to protect your precious documents from bad weather. Identity card, passport, fishing license, marine or geographical maps, but also smartphones, bank cards or small camera. In short, everything that needs to stay dry!

Made of transparent PVC and equipped with a double waterproof closure system (velcro + zip lock), the Waterproof Bag is resistant to water splashes, sand and dust and can be submerged without risk for its contents. The neck strap makes it easy to carry so you can have it with you all the time.



Imperial Metric
#S23.5 x 18.5 cm
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