Savage Gear Jig 'n' Drop Kit combo

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Savage Gear Jig 'n' Drop Kit spinning combo, la combo da spinning completa di canna mulinello è ideale le tecniche più classiche utilizzate nella pesca light del persico reale, da jigging alla pesca con le testine piombate fino al dropshot. Il kit è composto da:

- 1 scatola composta da twister grub assortiti (52 pezzi)

- 1 scatola contenente piombi da drop shot assortiti (33 pezzi)

- Mulinello Savage Gear SG4 2500FD (con bobina di ricambio in graphite)

- Canna SG4 Drop Shot Specialist 

- fluorocarbon soft 50 mt 0.22


Savage Gear Perch Academy Kit#3 - Savage Gear The Jig 'N' Drop Kit with spinning rod, spinning reel, jigs, jig heads and dropshot sinkers. A fishing kit to start perch fishing with traditional jig fishing and dropshot according to the popular Youtube series Perch Academy!
The Perch Academy has explored many new and evolving techniques that help to catch our prized stripey beauties, but sometimes the old ways do it best. Enter this superb selection of tackle to help you enjoy some arm-aching action jigging or drop shotting for perch. Whether they’re hiding out under cover or behind structure, or scouring the shallows looking for easy meals, this kit gives you the versatility to catch perch in almost any conditions. The only thing you won’t be able to do is keep count of just how many fish this set-up will help you catch.
  • Pro Grub Kit - 52 pcs
  • Lure Specialist Sinker Kit - 33 pcs
  • SG4 2500 FD 8+1BB - incl. graph. spare spool
  • SG4 Drop Shot Specialist - 7'8'' / 2.33m / F / 5-18g / L 2 sec



Imperial Metric
SG4 Drop Shot Specialist + SG4 2500 FD
Peso244 gr
Lure Weight Max18 gr
Line W.-
Total Length2.33 m
Lure Weight Min5 gr
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Modello Peso Taglia Velocità Lure Weight Max Power Action Line W. Total Length Lure Weight Min Sezioni Prezzo Qty Acquista Wishlist
SG4 Drop Shot Specialist + SG4 2500 FD 244 gr 2500 5.2:1 18 gr L - - 2.33 m 5 gr 2
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