Modello Total Length Sezioni Lure Weight Min Lure Weight Max Power Action Peso
SGS2 Eging 74891 2,51 M 2 2 .0 3.0 GR M F 134 GR
SGS2 Eging 74892 2,59 M 2 2 .5 3.5 GR M F 150 GR

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Savage Gear SGS2 Eging Spinning

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SGS2 EGING These delicate, finesse rods provide unrivalled feel and sensitivity when eging (squid fishing), meaning you can feel even the slightest touch from a squid and be ready to strike. Despite their incredible sensitivity, the blanks in these rods offer a very progressive fast action that allows you to set the hooks incredibly quickly in a squid’s tentacles to minimise the risk of tearing. They also allow you to cast further than you might expect – a truly specialist collection of high quality rods.




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Imperial Metric

SGS2 Eging 74891

Total Length 2,51 M     Sezioni 2     Lure Weight Min 2 .0     Lure Weight Max 3.0 GR     Power M     Action F     Peso 134 GR

SGS2 Eging 74892

Total Length 2,59 M     Sezioni 2     Lure Weight Min 2 .5     Lure Weight Max 3.5 GR     Power M     Action F     Peso 150 GR


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