Modello Total Length Sezioni Lure Weight Min Lure Weight Max Power Action Line W. Peso
SGS2 Ultra Light Game 213 CM 2 0.5 GR 7 GR UL MF 0.2 - 0.4 pe 111 GR

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Savage Gear SGS2 Ultra Light Game spinning

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Canne da spinning Savage Gear SGS2 ultra light da mare SGS2.  Savage Gear SGS2 saltwater spinning rods. ULTRA LIGHT GAME Take finesse fishing to a new level with the SGS2 Ultra Light Game rod series – designed to handle the lightest lines and lures you can throw at them. The rods are fine-tuned so that you can feel every twitch and turn of your lure and present it in an attractive way for a variety of different species. These rods come into their own when fishing LRF or micro game style, but also have plenty of fight within them for any unexpected challenges.




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SGS2 Ultra Light Game

Total Length 213 CM     Sezioni 2     Lure Weight Min 0.5 GR     Lure Weight Max 7 GR     Power UL     Action MF     Line W. 0.2 - 0.4 pe     Peso 111 GR


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