Sonubaits Cheesy Garlic Halibut Pellets

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Halibut Pellets are a superb bait for all specimen fish especially Barbel and Chub we have taken this pellet and enhanced it with a concentrated cheesy garlic flavour.Cheesy garlic is very potent flavour ideal for using in flooded or murky water as the smell is strong enough to pull fish to your swim.These black halibut pellets can be used dry through a feeder a common way is to use the 4mm version through a maggot feeder which allows the scent and a slow trickle of pellets to come out washing over the downstream hookbait.They can also be used through a mesh feeder or River feeder simply by dampening them down with water. Place the required amount of pellets in a tub and pour over a little water just enough to coat the outsides of the pellet and give them a good shake. Then allow 30 minutes for the water to be absorbed into the pellets shaking them every 5 minutes to make sure the water is distributed evenly through the pellets. The pellets will soften slightly allowing them to be squeezed into a mesh feeder.The speed at which they come out of the mesh feeder can be altered by squeezing them in harder to keep them in the feeder for longer. Generally at the start of a session when you want to create a bed of bait squeezing them in softly will allow them to come out of the feeder quicker but as the session goes on you can create more competitive feeding by slowing down the speed at which they come out of the feeder.A great hookbait when using Cheesy Garlic Halibut Pellets is Cheesy Garlic Pellet Os.



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Misura Pellet3.0 mm
Formato900 gr
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S19200013.0 mm900 gr-
7.90€ 6.90€
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