Yamashita Taikabura Hadou Bait Set

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Taikabura Hadou Bait Set, assist di ricambio per taikabura, consigliati anche per jig per la pesca in verticale.

Fishing with conventional Tai rubber lures can be time consuming especially on a nice day when the fish are really bitting. Fishing in various water depths can be a little tricky since replacing weights or colors is more difficult especially on an unstable boat where you have to cut of the leader to switch the head. Yamashita having this in mind developed the revolutionary Tai Kabura jig. A fully customizable jig where head weights colors, tails, skirts can be interchanged with ease. The combination of a hydrodynamic low center gravity head that flows smoothly in the water, the extremely good colors of skirts and tails that make a scientifically prooven patern of a bait make Yamashita's Tai Kabura a lethal weapon for Tai Rubber fishing!



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