Zappu Standard Caro Wire

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Zappu Standard Dear Wire. When we use the Carolina rig, this practical accessory is necessary to make the rig work effectively without stress: it allows you to be able to pass into the covers efficiently and change weight without problems depending on the situation. This makes a big difference in fishing and allows for easy catching. "STANDARD CARO WIRE" helps glide through grass and is a specific wire to further reduce head tangling. The high efficiency joint allows the baits to always maintain a natural position. Suitable for difficult black bass fishing competitions such as Bolsena, Lake Vico, Lake Bracciano or Lake Garda. 2 pieces per pack

Zappu Standard Dear Wire. When we use Carolina rig, these are necessary to operate it effectively without stress: to be able to attack the weed area efficiently and to change weight without trouble by the situation. These become the big difference and are connected directly with a catch. "STANDARD CARO WIRE" helps slip through of the weed and is wire specifications to reduce the tangle of the leader more. The high efficiency swivel which prevents the skewness of the thread is located in the right position. Because you can simplify the weight exchange, you can prevent a troublesome problem.



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